Technological advancements when it comes to underground construction is important so that the space can be developed cost-effectively and more efficiently and also under difficult conditions on the ground. An infrastructure company that can handle innovations and use technology safely is the one you should hire. In this article, we will be looking at technology that is used in this type of construction.

Technology Innovation in Underground Construction
- Trenchless Technology
This is a subsurface construction work that either needs fewer trenches or no trenches at all. This is a sector of civil engineering and construction that is growing very quickly. Here the equipment, materials and methods that are used to rehabilitate, replace or install new infrastructure underground are done so with the disturbance to business, traffic, and other activities being absolutely minimal or none.

- Cut-and-Cover Tunneling and Excavation
This is a very common technique when it comes to constructions that are less than 150 feet and are thus shallow. This is for building foundations, basements, earth-covered buildings and tunnels. Open-cut trenching is used for utility excavation. Immersed tube tunnels or bored tunnels use this for launching boring machines, to support structures and for access.

This is a technology that is optimal for when the surface areas have fewer constraints but for populated areas; it can be very disruptive.

- Tunneling and Ground Support Technologies in Rock
This excavation is needed for large underground caverns with the rock being near or at the surface, mining operations, mountain tunnels, etc. This was extremely slow in historic times and often needed thermal shock or hand tools to get the rock to disintegrate. But blasting technology has changed the speed and has made the entire process cost-effective.

Hard-rock TBMs have been used to make medium to long length tunnels in the last half-century. Rock mechanics has become a branch of geotechnical engineering since the 1950s, and this has greatly helped in the field of rock excavation. The

- Drill and Blast Technologies
Here, timed detonators and explosives are placed in holes that have been drilled, the blast happens, the openings get ventilated, and all the waste spoils are transported away. This entire process keeps repeating until the opening that is desired is obtained.

Blasting is a great solution when looking at the cost perspective for excavating rock caverns, exciting foundations, and short rock tunnels. But it can be very challenging for urban environments when the higher amplitude vibrations are considered along with a greater need for primary tunnel support and larger sized spoil materials. The speed for excavation here is slow, noisy and it is possible to excavate too much.

While there are many methods for constructing underground, there are many problems that come with each. This is why trenchless technology is the best solution, as the surface interruptions are minimal. The best infrastructure company that handles underground construction and uses innovative technology is N. K. Shah Infrastructures. They use trenchless technology and do this to reduce the risk, time, and cost that is needed to maintain and construct structures. They are based in Mumbai and are very experienced and experts in this field.